Technology Industries

The Finnish technology industry boasts several world-class success stories; companies that continue to introduce new and important innovations onto the market. Our top-end products have earned us the reputation of global technology pioneer. Our success is due to the expertise of our workforce.


Strong growth and success in global competition can be attributed to sustained investment in research and development and the ability to flexibly adjust to market changes.



Electronics and the Electrotechnical Industry

Of all the sectors of industry, the electronics and electrotechnical industry invests most heavily in research and development.
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Mechanical Engineering

The industry’s business units in Finland employ 125,000 people, making it the largest sector in the technology industry in this respect.
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Metals Industry

The Finnish metal processing industry is known for its high energy and raw material efficiency.
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Information Technology Industries

The products and services this industry provides can help improve productivity and performance as well as the quality of products and services.
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Consulting Engineering

The Federation has a membership of over 250 consulting engineering and architect firms.
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