The Association of Finnish Lighting Manufacturers (AFLE)

The branch group promotes cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between lighting manufacturers, works to create a favourable business environment for the lighting industry and participates in the work of CELMA (The Federation of national manufacturers associations for luminaires and electrotechnical components for luminaires in the European Union).

In Europe, environmental legislation is becoming ever more stringent, presenting ever greater challenges for all segments of the lighting industry. The industry is, however, rising to the challenge: for example, significant energy savings can now be made in the home by replacing outdated lighting with new solutions on the market. Additional information can be found on the Roms project website.

Commission regulation to introduce a staggered ban on incandescent light bulbs from 2009
The branch group, together with The Finnish Electrical Wholesalers’ Federation, The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of Finland and The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland, has put together a joint publication for consumers in order to answer questions related to the removal of incandescent light bulbs, which will be gradually withdrawn from EU markets beginning in 2009.
Contact person:
Adviser Patrick Frostell
Tel. (09) 192 3386