Combustion Engines Branch Group

The Finnish National Committee of CIMAC
The Group coordinates cooperation between industry companies in industrial policy, economic policy and environmental issues. The office of the group is located at the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.
- Established in 1963
- Total turnover about EUR 3,000 million
- Number of members 16, including universities/research centres
- Coverage about 99 % 
The Group is a member of the International Council of Combustion Engines - CIMAC , forming thus the Finnish National Committee of CIMAC.
Monitoring and influencing international trends mainly through technological
cooperation by
- Monitoring economic cycles
- Monitoring market trends
- Monitoring profitability trends
- Business networking
- Directing development in the field
- Organising seminars
- Standardisation work
- CIMAC activities
- Internationalisation
Chairman of the Group:
Mr Robert Ollus, Director
Wärtsilä Finland Oy
Phone: +358 10 709 0000