Valves and Fixtures

The Valves and Fixtures Group is the cooperation organ for Finnish companies in the field of valves and fixtures. It promotes the operations of its members and enhances the competitiveness of the field.

The Group consists of valve and fixture manufacturers, major importers and wholesalers in the field.

The Valves and Fixtures Group monitors the economic, market and employment situation in the field, providing a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences when problems occur in the field.

The group is a member of the European Committee for the Valve Industry - CEIR. Monitoring of and participation in the work of the CEIR Working Groups Sanitary Valves (PC 1) and Industrial Valves (PC 3) is a major part of its CEIR work.

Secretary General:
Ms. Piia Simpanen
Phone: +358 (0) 400 199 399