Wind Power Technology

The Wind Power Technology Group was established in August 2002 for the purpose of intensifying cooperation between supplier companies in the field. The Group currently has 19 members.

Business trends

The construction of wind power plants is booming all over the world. During the last few years, wind power capacity has increased by around 30 per cent a year. The Finnish wind power technology industry is strongly export-oriented.

Wind power technology sales for Federation member companies in the group are estimated at one billion euros. The goal of the group is to ensure progress in the field and a favourable business environment also in the future.

Added value through cooperation

Companies in the wind power technology field are in increasing need of mutual cooperation. The group provides an excellent forum for the development of such joint efforts. The group has also worked in very close cooperation with the Wind Power Technology Division of Finergy and the Wind Power Association of Finland.

Business environment and exchange of experiences

Member companies exchange experiences and information on the situation and outlook for their field. The group compiles statistics and surveys on operational progress and development requirements. To enhance the visibility of the field and disseminate information, the group arranges seminars, conferences and exhibitions and maintains contacts with clients and other interest groups.

Any company supplying materials, components, subcontracting or other services to power plants is welcome to join the Group. 
Chairman of the Group:
Mr Teijo Kärnä, Manager 
ABB Finland
Phone +358 (0) 10 2211
Mr Patrick Frostell, Adviser
Federation of Technology Industries 
Phone +358 (0) 9 192 3386