General instructions:
In all free-form searches, you can use the percent sign (%) before or after the search term to replace any string. These searches are not case sensitive. Further instructions on the various types of searches are given below.

Company name search:
A company name search is carried out on the basis of company names only, and not on the basis of names of places of business. Using the search term ‘machine workshop’ lists all the companies whose names start with the term ‘Machine workshop’. If the term ‘%machine workshop’ is used as a search term, all companies with the term ‘machine workshop’ in any part of their name will be listed. It is not necessary to add the percent sign at the end of the search term in a company name search, since this is added automatically.

Main product search:
The product search seeks the entered search term in the free-form product descriptions provided by the member companies. These descriptions have not been harmonised in any way, and it is therefore worth trying synonyms if the search does not provide a result. On the other hand, since the product descriptions are given by the companies themselves as free-form text, they are probably the best description of the company's actual products and the way the company wants to describe them. It is not necessary to use the percent sign separately since, for example, using the search term 'machine' will give all the companies with that word in their product description, whether it is at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the product description.

TOL 2008:
The Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2008 is a classification standard confirmed by Statistics Finland. It is used for classifying companies and other organisations or individual places of business based on their economic activities. The criteria for industrial classification are based on production inputs and processes, as well as produced services and products that are representative of the operations. TOL 2008 is based on NACE 2008, the European Union classification of economic activities.

Location search:
Deviating from the other searches, location searches are not carried out according to a free-form search term, but you must first select a province from the drop-down menu and then the town or municipality of your choice. This will provide a list of member companies in the municipality in question. If you select ‘All of Finland’ in the drop-down menu for provinces, all Finnish municipalities will be listed.

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