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Membership applications and services

The strength of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries lies in its people. Membership and active participation in the Federation provide a company and its management and experts with a direct source of extensive information and contacts with other leading colleagues in the sector. Shared knowledge and experiences can be utilised in the development of a company’s own activities.


The services and activities of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries offer tried and tested solutions that save not only money, but also the time of key personnel. Companies gain the opportunity to focus on the essential: building the road to their own success.


The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is an industry association for companies in the metals industry, the mechanical engineering and metal products industry, the electronics and electrotechnical industry, the information technology industry, the consulting engineering, and for companies engaged in comparable or related activities regardless of their raw material base.


Companies that can be deemed established, i.e. those which have been in operation for at least one year, can be accepted as members of the Federation.

Rules of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

The membership application is made in writing. The application must state the name and places of business of the company applying for membership, a description of its activities and place of business, its net sales, the average number of employees, their wages and salaries, and any other information that may be requested by the Federation.


The Board of Directors of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries will make the decision on membership. When a company joins the Federation, it also becomes a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, EK.



The Labour Market department of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries provides its member companies with such things as help in the interpretation and application of collective labour agreements and labour legislation, consulting services in various development projects in the labour market and in productivity, legal advice, and training in employment-related issues.


In relation to the change in Finland's industrial relations model, it is also key to raise expertise and preparedness in local bargaining using the various support activities of the Federation of the Finnish Technology Industries.


In addition, the Federation provides telephone advice for members, innovation activities, development projects, internationalisation services, special issues for SMEs, information on environmental issues and technical legislation.


Membership fees

Members pay an annual membership fee, which is determined for one calendar year at a time at the Federation’s autumn meeting. The membership fee is determined as a given percentage of the member’s value added for the latest financial year before the autumn meeting.


Members are obliged to provide the federation with annual information on the number of employees, membership fee criteria, and other information on their operations in accordance with Federation guidelines. The information obtained is confidential.


Membership information and applications:


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