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Operation model


The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries has approximately 1,600 member companies.

Our mission is to ensure that the Finnish technology industries have what it takes to be competitive in the global marketplace. To achieve this we foster an innovative and internationally competitive business environment, activate business development and networking, negotiate internationally competitive labour market agreements, as well as enhance the image and attractiveness of the technology industry and its companies.

We offer our member companies and partners a wide selection of services, analysed and refined information, training, tried and tested operation models, as well as various working groups and a wide network of leading experts. An important part of our activities focuses on enhancing the operational conditions of SMEs. The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is a forum enabling efficient cooperation and networking, at the regional and local level too.

The Branch associations and Branch groups form a wide cooperation network of almost 800 companies. The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) is naturally an important and close partner.  


Advancing TechnologyFinland – The Finnish technology industry in brief (pdf)






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