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Demand for world-class expertise and skills


The global competitiveness of Finnish technology industry companies is based on their agility, capacity for innovation and continuous renewal. Expertise is the backbone of the Finnish technology industry.


The technology industry directly employs more than 290,000 people in Finland. The overall impact of the sector on employment is even higher as many jobs in other sectors depend on the success of  technology industry companies. In total, the technology industry employs about 700 000 people, equalling one quarter of the entire Finnish labour force.


Job descriptions are changing and new knowledge, skills and qualifications are required in all technology industry professions. Due to an increase in retirement, the sector’s recruitment needs in Finland are expected to rise in the coming years. In order to meet these challenges, the need for an effective, high-quality education system is paramount.


The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation have invested a total of EUR 160 million in primary and secondary schools, polytechnics, universities and research institutions, during the past few years.


The objective of the Federation is to ensure the availability of world-class expertise and skills in competence areas that are important for Finland and Europe. This is pursued in close co-operation with the member companies, educational and research institutions and other partners in Finland as well as with international organisations such as CEEMET, ORGALIME and the European Round Table of Industrialists.  


More specifically our objectives are:  

  • To ensure that the reform of the Finnish university sector progresses effectively and that the preconditions for high-level research and education are created.
  • To increase co-operation between polytechnics and the technology Industry. 
  • To secure the quality and availability of skilled professionals in the technology industry. 
  • To increase the attractiveness of the technology industry, especially for young people. 
  • To promote lifelong learning in technology industry companies. 
  • To promote awareness of the future competence needs of the technology industry among all interest groups.


Further information:

Mervi Karikorpi, director, tel. +358 9 192 3348 or +358 40 741 9801  

Minna Jokinen, adviser, tel. +358 9 192 3354 or +358 40 750 5468  

Jenni Taipalkoski, assistant, tel. +358 9 192 3392 or + 358 400 797 405

The e-mail address is in the format: firstname.lastname@techind.fi




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