Summer jobs for up to 20 000 young people in Finnish technology companies

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 14:50
This year, up to 20 000 young people will obtain summer work in Finnish technology companies. There is a wide range of interesting jobs in which young people can demonstrate their skills and accumulate expertise. Last year, there were about 19 000 summer employees in technology enterprises. 

"Summer work and internships represent a vital experience for young people: professional skills are accumulated, confidence increases, and faith in the future is strengthened. Companies on their part have the opportunity to create an interesting employer image and awaken young people's interest in the company as future employers,” says Laura Juvonen, director at Technology Industries of Finland.

In the field of technology, searches for summer work and training are pivotally found in, for instance, MyTech summer jobs site. The site also offers summer work and internships in English.

“We encourage companies to recruit young people for summer work. It’s the best possible preparation for the future. I wish the best of luck to all summer job seekers! Hopefully international students will also find the English-language summer jobs offered by technology enterprises,” Ms Juvonen says. 

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