Information technology has been integrated everywhere; it is a vital part of making modern society function as it does. More and more products and services are produced and distributed digitally through various information networks.

Change is never an easy thing to accomplish; thorough planning and bold decision-making are required to effectively take advantage of information and communication technologies. Finland could become a pioneer in digitalisation. To accomplish this, the country’s digital operational environment needs to be updated to meet modern standards. A report from the ICT2015 working group has been a big help in guiding Finland in the right direction.

The manufacturing sector – as well as society as a whole – should heed the solutions the internet of things has brought into improving both products and business.

Finland now has a chance to become an international safe haven of data. This requires the right kind of expertise, smart regulation regarding data protection, cyber safety, taxing and data cables, as well as a bold attitude towards coming up with new solutions.

ICT is one of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries’ five main areas of activity. The Federation’s member organisations in the information technology industry form the digi branch group. The Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) and the Finnish Location Information Cluster (FLIC) are also working on digitalisation in Finland.