For companies operating in Finland, functional logistics are crucial in developing competitiveness. Customers see Finland as an island that's a lengthy transportation distance away. The import and export of companies depend especially on sea traffic. Approximately 35% of industries' competitiveness is estimated to be logistics-related. The cost of logistics is estimated to be 12% of turnover.

The goal of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is to ensure functional, cost-effective and competitiveness-promoting logistical circumstances for companies operating in Finland. In logistics, the goals set by sustainable development must be taken into account while paying attention to the competition circumstances of different branches. Securing globally equal competition conditions must be strived for.

Our distant location requires first-class expertise in logistics

Any decisions must affect and cover the whole world so that the competitiveness of our companies compared to competitors would not decrease. Our distant location from market areas requires first-class expertise in logistics and minimising costs. Authorities must aim to minimise the costs of logistics in their decision-making.

The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries influences the issue of logistics by giving statements and co-operating with organisations related to the branch from both Finland and abroad. The most important areas to consider are marine traffic, weights and dimensions of heavy goods vehicles, nitrogen emissions, and winter-time navigation.