Towards Sustainable Digital Economy – Renewal of European Industry

The backbone of European wellbeing is competitive and sustainable export.

Industry counts for two thirds of total exports from Europe to the rest of the world. The total employment impact of European industries is well over 80 million people, more than one third of all jobs in Europe. As the global competitive landscape is being redrawn, it is important that the EU adopts and implements an ambitious industrial policy that takes an integrated approach in all relevant EU policy areas to foster European competitiveness and long-term global leadership. Europe’s opportunity for the renewal of industry lies at the heart of three symbiotic ingredients: technology, innovation and sustainability.

Europe is leading the action against climate change, and by focusing on technology and innovation European industries can provide the best solutions to fight most global challenges. Exponential technologies fuelled by digitalisation and servitisation will drive an unprecedented wave of innovation through all businesses and industries. The future of Europe depends on how industry and society will be capable of leading and leveraging industrial renewal. The forerunners will be the winners of the digital age. The faster digitalisation and servitisation of society are implemented the greater the benefits. Robotisation, automation, data mining and analysis, utilisation of artificial intelligence, sensors, industrial services and other forms of digitalisation will provide the greatest benefits to those companies, people and societies that are the quickest to adopt them. This transformation demands a lifelong learning attitude from everyone as well as increased investments in intangible and tangible assets.

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