Innovation funding

Innovation funding

Innovations require funding. The Finnish National Innovation System provides innovation funding for companies, research institutes, and the academic sector.

Efficient innovation work combines many different perspectives. Consequently, The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries recommends in-depth cooperation between different operators of the innovation system.

Innovation work is funded by, for example, the Finnish innovation funding agency Tekes, Centres for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment (ELY Centres), the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA, and private individuals. The Tekes grants and loans are directed at companies and communities operating in Finland that aim for technology-aided growth.

Contact Tekes already at the plan-making stage (basic information found at By calling +358 10 521 5050 or the technology unit of the nearest ELY Centre, you will receive information on the application process and filling in the application. The technology experts at Tekes and the ELY Centres will help you with questions concerning the contents.

The Foundation of Finnish Inventions mainly funds the invention work of private individuals. The Foundation's funding is unsecured risk financing. SITRA funds e.g. reports and experiment projects. Short-term experiments should be supported even more. A fast failure is usually a cheap way to learn to succeed.

EU funds innovation as well: read more on our Horizon2020 page. Private investments can be looked for in Finland's network of business angels.