We have a challenge for you: Hire an international student!

We have a challenge for you: Hire an international student!

Did you know that more than 20,000 international university students study in Finland every year?  And that most of them leave Finland after graduation? One major reason for this is that they have limited experience with Finnish working life. Let's fix this together by hiring international students for summer jobs or traineeships. Participating in the technology industry’s challenge campaign is an easy first step!

Technology Industries of Finland is launching a ‘Hire an international student’ challenge campaign, the idea of which is that companies decide to hire at least one international student in 2022 and spread the goodwill by challenging other companies to do the same. Let’s set the wheels in motion together!

Let’s show that we in the technology industry are taking action ourselves in order to tackle skills shortages.  

Let’s also spread international expertise to small and medium-sized companies: recruiting an international trainee is an easy first step.  

✅Let’s accumulate together the international and multi-cultural expertise of companies in our field. 

Hire an international student

How to participate in the challenge campaign

  1. Make a decision to hire an international trainee.
  2. Check out our tips on how to find a suitable trainee.
  3. Complete the form and challenge two other companies to join.

What is required?

  • You decide to hire an international student in 2022  
  • Sign up by completing the form available below.
  • Which other two companies could benefit from an international expert? Spread the goodwill and challenge others!

What do you get?  

  • An expert in your company, more international and diversity expertise 
  • Your company's personnel gain experience of international experts as colleagues and the company experiences multiculturalism in the work community (at best, this experience helps develop the work culture)
  • Experience of cooperation with the university in your region.
  • Tips from Technology Industries of Finland for finding a suitable trainee and the necessary permits
  • Strengthening of the sustainability image as part of joint communication in our field (during 2022, Technology Industries of Finland will communicate at the national level on the joint actions that companies in our field take in order to help international students and tackle skills shortages.) 
  • As a campaign participant, you can use these social media materials in your communication.
Where can companies find international students?
  • The best way to find international students is to contact the university or university of applied sciences in your area. For example, you can find a list of universities in the field of technology here: Korkeakoulut | Mytech.fi
  • You can also notify international students of an open position on the summer job website of Technology Industries of Finland, the recruitment services of the universities in your area or even on the national Aarresaari website
  • You should also inform your own personnel about the upcoming recruitment and inquire whether there are any potential experts in the personnel's own networks.
What does international student mean in this campaign?
  • All foreign students who have come to Finland for upper secondary education and university education.
  • Postgraduate university students with international background and, for example, postdoctoral researchers.
  • The duration, form (traineeship, summer job, project work or thesis, etc.) or time of employment are not limited.
What should the company know about international students' residence permits?
  • If the student is a citizen of an EU member state, Nordic country, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, the student does not need a Finnish residence permit. In addition, students coming from third countries do not need a residence permit for studies with duration less than 90 days. However, studies usually last for more than 90 days, in which case either a student’s or researcher’s residence permit is required (more information from the Finnish Immigration Service) .
  • With a student's residence permit, work that is related to the degree (e.g. traineeship related to the degree or thesis work) may be carried out without restrictions. Furthermore, work may be carried out without restrictions with a student's residence permit when the educational institution does not provide actual teaching. Gainful employment during/alongside studies is limited as follows:
    • an average of 25 hours per week during the term (note that the number of hours is not limited at the weekly level. In other words, work may be scheduled during the term so that there is an average of 25 hours of work per week).
  • International students are well aware of the prerequisites for working and can provide information on their situation. The employer can check the student's residence permit card (which includes a statement on the right to work) and if the situation is not clear, contact the school’s student affairs office or working life services.

Milka Kortet, milka.kortet@teknologiateollisuus.fi.


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