Locks and Fittings

Finnish National Committee for ARGE


The purpose of the Locks and Fittings Group is to act an intermediary between its members in technological and economic issues. This it does in cooperation with The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. The Group monitors global trends in the field and promotes cooperation between its members.


The group has five member companies with a total workforce of about 1.500 and an aggregate turnover of EUR 200 million. The group members account for over 95 % of locks and fittings production in Finland.


The group handles standardization issues in the field of locks and fittings, terms of delivery (NTLB) and other matters affecting the field and the promotion of cooperation between the member companies. The group represents its members at the Nordiska Lås- och Beslagskommittén - NLB Group, the European Federation of Associations of Lock and Builders Hardware Manufacturers - ARGE. The Group acts in close cooperation with the Builders Hardware Group, the Industrial Doors Group and the Fire Doors Group, which are branch groups of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Chairman of the Group:
Mr. Pasi Saarinen
Abloy Oy
Phone: +358 20 599 2501
email: firstname.lastname@abloy.com

Contact person:
Mr. Arto Kivirinta
Phone: +358 9 1923 280
email: firstname.lastname@techind.fi