Aluminium Products

The common factor connecting the member companies of the Aluminium Products Group is their interest in aluminium and aluminium products. The Group has been established in 1994 and it cooperates with the European Aluminium Association - EAA.


  • Disseminating competence and knowledge related to aluminium applications
  • Promoting the use of aluminium and heightening its positive image
  • Improving the business environment in the aluminium products industry
  • Monitoring and active participation in environmental issues
  • Monitoring and influencing standardisation related to aluminium
  • Active cooperation with the education and research institutions in the field

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The activities of Aluminium Products group is supported by:

Alcoa Norway ANS Lista
P.O. Box 128
NO-4552 Farsund, Norway
Tel: +47 38399100
Fax: +47 38399360

Mr. Mika Korkea-aho, Sales Manager
Mäkelä Alu Oy
phone +358 6 557 7612

Vice Chairman
Mr. Seppo Helin, Technical Director
Purso Oy
phone +358 40 548 7756

Secretary General
Mr. Arto Kivirinta
phone: +358 40 544 1574
email: sähköposti: