Doors group


The Group is the cooperation organ for Federation member companies active in the field of industrial doors and its objective is to enhance the operations of its members and improve the competitiveness of the field. The goal is to create the preconditions for the success of the Finnish metal doors industry (industrial doors, garage doors, gates i.e. the issues handled within CEN TC 33 WG 5) and to improve cooperation between the member companies.


The group consists of 14 members. The group’s main activity is the monitoring of technical and commercial trends in the field at the international level and helping to ensure that these trends move in a positive direction. Representatives of the Group participate in standardization work within the field and inform the members on progress achieved in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

The Group provides a forum for dialogue and the exchange of experiences for problems related to the field. It also promotes and develops cooperation between its members. It maintains contacts with authorities and other interest groups important to the field, e.g. the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Safety Technology Authority TUKES and inspection organisations, with overall development of the field as the main objective.

Chairman of the Group:
Mr. Ari Ketonen
Kone Oyj
Phone: +358 40 514 1738 

Contact person:
Mr. Arto Kivirinta
Phone: +358 9 1923 280