Special Tools Branch Group

Finnish National Committee of ISTMA

The Group coordinates industrial and economic policy cooperation between companies in the field. The group’s office is situated at The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and it operates within Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing Finland.

  •  Established in 1975
  •  41 member companies
  •  Coverage about 65 %

The Group is a member of the International Special Tooling and Machining Association (ISTMA) and of the regional ISTMA Europe and forms the Finnish National Committee of ISTMA.


Dissemination of technological and economic information on the field among members and customers through

  •  a development project for the sector (TYKO)
  •  monitoring the economic situation
  •  monitoring the market situation
  •  enhancing the availability, quality and training of labour
  •  the introduction of a quality system
  •  increasing profitability in the field
  •  the shortening of lead times
  •  training
  •  internationalisation
  •  export cooperation

Chairman of the Group:
Jari Saaranen, Director
CM Tools Oy
Phone: +358 207 434 656
email: firstname.lastname@cmtools.fi

Secretary General:
Veli Matti Kuisma, D.Sc. (Tech.), Senior Advisor
Phone: +358 040 590 5773
email: firstname-firstname.lastname@techind.fi