Electronics and the Electrotechnical Industry

The electronics and electrotechnical industry is the sector which invests most heavily in research and development, accounting for 75 per cent of total R&D investment for the technology industry. As a sign of its competitiveness, however, of all the sectors it receives the smallest portion of public sector R&D funding. In the past few years, annual R&D spending has amounted to some EUR 2 billion. This has yielded impressive results: 80 per cent of production is exported to demanding customers around the world.

The industry is renowned for its innovative solutions, both in products and production processes. Its products and applications cover a broad spectrum, from mobile phones to subways and wind power plants; from weather monitoring systems to sports and medicine. Electronics account for about half the components in trains and a quarter in cars. The sector’s state-of-the-art home appliances are becoming ever more popular.

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