Information Technology Industries

The industry’s enterprises in Finland employ 48,000 people and have a combined turnover of EUR 7 billion.

Information technology is an industry of tremendous strategic importance. The products and services this industry provides can help improve productivity and performance as well as the quality of products and services. Many of the significant social changes currently underway, such as the ageing of the population, can be addressed successfully with the appropriate use of information technology.

IT companies provide software as well as IT-related services and consultation, database services and content production. In a modern society, information technology can be found everywhere; indeed society could not function without it. Information systems are used to operate and control aeroplanes, cars, forestry and agricultural machinery, telephones and household appliances. Production processes are also IT-controlled.

Information technology is also making its way into the service industry. An increasingly large number of services are produced digitally over information networks. This opens up entirely new opportunities and makes the market truly global.