Sheet Metal Products

Sheet Metal Products


The Group is a cooperation organ within The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries for the field of sheet metals and/or sheet metal products and it was established in 1989.  The Group operates within Manufacturing Finland. The purpose of the Group is to promote the operations of its members and enhance the competitiveness of the sheet metal industry.


The Group discusses economic trends, operating conditions and issues of common current interest for the field.

The Group arranges annual Sheet Metal Days where experts in the field report on current research and development projects and innovations.

The Group publishes periodically Sheet Metal Magazine, the only technical publication in the field in Finland. It gives for the designers, manufacturers and users knowledge on technologies, research and development achievements in the field and their current status.

The group also arranges the Plootu Fennica Competition every second year.

Chairman of the Group:
Mr. Juha Tuomisto, Technical Development Manager
Phone: +358 20 592 5456

Contact person:
Mr. Arto Kivirinta
Federation of Finnish Technology Industries
Phone: +358 40 544 1574