The Subcontractors Group represents companies operating as subcontractors within the Finnish technology industries.

The 76 members of the Group represent all the main sub sectors in the technology industries. The Group focuses on the promotion of issues important for the subcontractors, improvement of buyer/subcontractor relationships and the establishment of contacts with the buyer companies. The Group has a permanent representative in the buyers´ and subcontractors´ joint Subcontracting Working Group and it operates withinManufacturingFinland (former Production and Service Network) in The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Activities are focused on:

- Export cooperation
- Internationalisation
- Establishment of new customer contacts
- Excursions
- Buyer/Subcontractor cooperation
- Business networking.

Chairman of the Group:

Mr Tero Niemelä
Suomen Terästekniikka Oy