Vehicle Manufactures

Vehicle Manufactures



The Vehicle Manufacturers Group represents companies supplying vehicles, vehicle systems and components. Today 40 companies are represented in the Group. The purpose of the Group is to act as a contact and liaison forum for its members in Finland. The Group cooperates with the Scandinavian Automotive Suppliers - FKG and CLEPA - the European Association of Automotive Suppliers.


  • Enhancing the image of the branch and making interest groups more aware of the importance of vehicle manufacturing industry in Finland
  • Maintaining and further developing skills and competencies required in the branch
  • Generating ideas for joint development projects in the branch and initiating development activities
  • Arranging training opportunities and seminars related to the branch
  • Maintaining and promoting contacts with interest groups in the branch
  • Maintaining and promoting contacts with international organisations in the branch


  • Preparing statements on issues related to vehicle manufacturing
  • Joining international organisations in the branch as a member
  • Arranging seminars or related occasions with vehicle manufacturing as a theme
  • Disseminating information among the members
  • Carrying out related activities as required

Chairman of the Group:
Mr Olli Kerajärvi, Director, Valmet Automotive Oy

Secretary General:
Mr Heikki Karsimus
Phone +358 9 192 31, mobile +358 40 564 9020