• Easyanticheat squares off against game cheats

    Wondering what a bear, a sauna and an impromptu camping trip to Stockholm have in common? The answer is ‘Easy’.

  • Finland at the virtual frontline

    With virtual reality the next frontier for digital innovation, a growing number of Finnish companies are offering a pioneering look at things to come.

  • Finnish selfies make people part of history

    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has implemented a selfie wall, which seamlessly merges the viewer with content shown onscreen, making them part of a historical photo or outdoor advert.

  • Finnish companies make Forbes Global 2000

    A total of eight Finnish firms have been listed among the world’s biggest public companies.

  • Jakamo’s online service granted US patent

    Jakamo, a Finnish company behind a service for information sharing and cooperation between manufacturing companies, was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (UPSTO).

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Suomi sijoittuu neljänneksi EU:n digitaalitalouden ja -yhteiskunnan indeksissä. Suomi kuuluu maaryhmään, jonka pistemäärä on korkea, mutta kehitysvauhti on hidasta. #TechFinland #digitalisaatio
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Teknologiateollisuus Euroopan kestävän kehityksen viikon sitoutunut osallistuja. #ESDW #Sitoumus2050
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Nolla työtapaturmaa – ainoa mahdollinen tavoite Valmetissa
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