Processing of personal data by the Technology Industries of Finland

Processing of personal data by the Technology Industries of Finland

Data Controller: 

Technology Industries of Finland 

Eteläranta 10 

00130 Helsinki 

tel. 09 19231


What information do we process? 

The Technology Industries of Finland acts as a joint data controller with its member associations and processes personal data relating to: 

  • the provision of member services and to facilitate the rights and obligations of membership,  

  • Co-operation with stakeholders 

  • website operation, 

  • monitoring of wage developments. 

Following stakeholders are essential to the Technology Industries of Finland: 

  • persons employed by member companies, 

  • decision makers and authorities, and 

  • the liaison officers of partner associations 

The information processed concerning stakeholders are the contact details of individuals and their position within the organisation, as well as information on dietary restrictions at events. We collect information from registered individuals or from public sources, such as organisations' websites and professional publications. We receive information on wage develop member company representatives also from the Federation of Finnish Industries Membership and Stakeholder Register. 

Concerning our websites, we process information about the IP address used, the browser used to visit, and the type of device used (mobile / PC). We use cookies on our sites and the following means to monitor usage: 

Facebook pixel 

The Facebook Pixel is a Facebook advertising tracking tool that tells you how many of your Facebook visitors are reaching your destination site through an ad. The Facebook pixel collects information about users who have a Facebook username and who have given Facebook permission to use cookies. A Facebook user can choose to edit their own ad settings with their Facebook account.  


For more information: 

Google Analytics  

Google Analytics is a Google tracking tool that tells us, among other things, how many visitors our site receives at certain times and how visitors come to our site. 

For more information: 

Concerning wage statistics, we process company information and additional person classification information, such as gender or professional status, on a pseudonymised form, i.e. on a manner where information cannot be associated with an individual person. 

Why is the data processed? 

We use personal data in order: 

  • To manage memberships and provide member services for the members of Technology Industries of Finland and its industry associations and groups  

  • distribute newsletters 

  • to liaise with relevant stakeholders 

  • organise events and conduct surveys 

  • monitor and develop the use of our websites; and 

  • in the form of wage statistics to facilitate labour market negotiations and for monitoring wage developments in the sector. 

Processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest. The Technology Industries of Finland is a trade and labour market policy organisation, whose purpose is to promote the competitiveness and operating conditions of its member companies and the industry. For this purpose, the Technology Industries of Finland has a reason to process the information of its stakeholders and to operate its websites. The technology industry has a legitimate interest in processing personal data in the form of wage statistics for the purpose of cost impact assessments of labour market negotiations and for monitoring wage developments. 

To whom is the personal data disclosed? 

We may disclose information to our partners for the purpose of organising events and their marketing, and to provide our members with important information when used in a manner that is consistent with our own processing principles. In addition, we will provide member companies with information about their registered representatives. 

Who processes the data? 

The personal data is processed by persons specifically designated by the Technology Industries of Finland. We may transfer information to partners of our choice for processing, for example in the following cases: 

  • provision of information systems, 

  • delivery of newsletters, 

  • marketing and organisation of events, 

  • billing, 

  • statistically tracking website usage and improving user experience, and 

  • recruitment. 

The Technology Industries of Finland ensures that data processors are committed to complying with data protection regulations and ensuring the security of their systems. Data processors shall only receive the information necessary for the operations they carry out. 

The data is processed as a rule within the EU. If the data is transferred to be processed outside EU, we require that the provisions of the GDPR are adhered to. The data is not used for automatic decision making, such as profiling. 

How long will the data be processed? 

We process the data as long as the data subject is in charge of tasks that are related to the functions of the Technology Industries of Finland. For the purpose of developing our events, we retain the data for up to five years, after which the data is deleted. We process wage statistics on an ongoing basis for statistical purposes. 

We strive to keep the information up to date and erase the incorrect information. 

Your rights 

You have the right to influence the processing of your data: 

  • You can review, correct or delete your information. You will know whether, what information is being processed, and on what basis. You may also correct your information or request the deletion of your information if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected. 

  • You may object to the processing of your data for marketing purposes, for example, when justified by a legitimate interest, 

  • You can restrict the processing of data, 

  • You can transfer data to another system, 

  • You can complain to the Data Protection Ombudsman, and 

  • You may prohibit marketing or newsletter submissions. All marketing messages and newsletters offer the opportunity to unsubscribe. You can also remove yourself from the distribution by notifying the Technology Industries of Finland.