Personal data processing at Technology Industries of Finland

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Eteläranta 10 
tel. +358 9 19231 


Technology Industries of Finland acts as the data controller together with its member associations and subsidiary, Teknologiainfo Teknova Oy (Teknova). It processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • sending communications, providing membership services, and ensuring the fulfilment of membership rights and obligations
  • cooperating with stakeholders 
  • operating websites 
  • monitoring salary development 
  • running administrative groups related to the association’s activities 
  • recruitment 
  • providing an anonymous reporting channel 
  • renting out office space.

Our stakeholders include the following key persons and organisations with respect to Technology Industries of Finland, its member associations and Teknova: 

  • persons working for member companies 
  • decision-makers and representatives of authorities 
  • contact persons from organisations in the cooperation network.

The stakeholder-related data that we process includes a person’s contact details, their position in the organisation and, if applicable, their dietary restrictions in connection with event organisation. We collect information from either the data subjects themselves or public sources, such as organisations’ websites and professional publications. We also obtain information about representatives of member companies from the Confederation of Finnish Industries’ member and stakeholder register. 

We use cookies to track the use of our website. We receive information about the visitor’s IP address and username, the browser and type of device (mobile device/computer) that was used to visit the website, the time of the visit, and the referrer URL. This information is used statistically, and is not linked to any individual users. Our website also uses third-party services and cookies to track popularity (Google Analytics) and enable users to share content on the best-known social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AddThis). You can get more information about how these cookies are used from the service providers in question. You may also disable third-party cookies in your browser settings. 

When compiling wage and salary statistics, we also process company information and category data, such as information about a person’s gender or occupational status. However, we do not collect any data from which an individual person can be identified.


We use personal data for: 

  • managing membership-related matters, lobbying and providing membership services for Technology Industries of Finland and its member associations and groups 
  • newsletter distribution 
  • contacting stakeholders that are necessary for carrying out our activities and forming networks 
  • organising events and conducting surveys 
  • monitoring website use and developing website functionality 
  • labour market negotiations and monitoring wage/salary development (in the form of wage and salary statistics) 
  • managing associations’ administrative groups 
  • renting out premises that we own 
  • recruiting personnel 
  • maintaining an anonymous reporting channel for cases of misconduct.

Our processing of personal data is based on our legitimate interest, with the exception of website cookies, the use of which is based on the consent of the website visitor. A website user may withdraw their consent at any time via their browser settings – see our cookie policy for more detailed instructions on this. 

Technology Industries of Finland has used a balance test created by the Office of the Ombudsman for Data Protection to assess whether its interest can be considered a legitimate basis for data processing. Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies, and promotes competitiveness and operating conditions for both its member companies and the sector in general. For this purpose, Technology Industries of Finland has grounds to process stakeholders’ personal data in order to send communications, provide member services and ensure the functionality of its website. Technology Industries of Finland has a legitimate interest for processing personal data in the form of wage and salary statistics in order to monitor wage developments and make cost-impact assessments for labour market negotiations.

Information received via the anonymous reporting channel only includes personal data if the person making the report decides to make their identity known. 


Only designated persons can process personal data at Technology Industries of Finland, its member associations and Teknova. We may transfer data to selected partners in order for them to process data, for instance, for the following purposes: 

  • maintaining information systems  
  • sending newsletters  
  • event marketing and organisation  
  • invoicing and accounting 
  • statistical analysis of website use and improving the user experience  
  • recruitment. 

We ensure that any parties who process data on our behalf are committed to complying with data protection regulations and ensuring the information security of their systems. Data processors are only granted access to the information necessary for performing their assigned tasks.

Data is only processed within the EU. No data is used for automated decision-making, such as profiling.


As a rule, we process data for as long as the data subject performs duties that are connected with Technology Industries of Finland’s activities. We have specified deletion periods for other processing functions, and remove unnecessary data accordingly on an annual basis. 

We endeavour to ensure that data is always up to date, and we will remove any erroneous data.


You have the right to influence the processing of your data:  

  • You have the right to access, correct or delete your data. You have the right to know if your personal data is being processed, as well as what type of data is being processed and on what legal grounds. You may also correct your data, or request its deletion if the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected.
  • If our legitimate interest forms the grounds for processing your personal data, you have the right to object to the processing of your data for marketing purposes, for instance. 
  • You can restrict the processing of your data.
  • You have the right to data portability, that is, you can transfer your data to another controller.
  • You can lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman. 
  • You can opt out of receiving marketing messages or newsletters. All marketing messages and newsletters include the option to opt out of the subscription. You may also cancel your subscription by notifying us. 

To exercise any of these rights, please email us at