Branch associations

The Technology Industries of Finland branch groups and branch associations form an extensive collaborative network among our members. We currently have 11 branch associations and 17 branch groups, in which some 1300 companies participate.

The branch groups and associations operate independently according to their own strategic plans, while taking account the joint goals of the entire technology sector.

Exchange of expertise and experience

The branch groups and associations share knowledge of developments and conditions in their own industrial sector. On the basis of statistics and other information, surveys of trends in the sector and special business requirements are compiled. In order to improve companies’ competitiveness, seminars, negotiation days and exhibitions are arranged and contact is maintained with customer and interest groups. Projects to promote internationalisation are also a central part of the activities of the branch groups and associations.

European cooperation

EU enlargement and measures taken to promote the internal market have had a major impact on the activities of the branch groups and associations. Almost all of them are members of the European cooperation organisation for their own field, and some are also members in global organisations. Most European associations have their own secretariat in Brussels where industry representatives work in close cooperation with the EU Commission and other organisations. Through this cooperation, the special features and needs of each sector in areas such as legislation are brought to the decision-makers’ attention at the EU and national level alike. The objective is to create a competitive business environment, which requires transparent and functional internal markets.

Business and technology competence

Several branch groups and associations have their own development programmes designed to improve business and technology competence. Measures are taken to continually develop cooperation with universities, other institutes of higher education, and research institutes. Projects may also be sub-projects in extensive EU funded programmes. The establishment of European Technology Platforms has helped intensify Europe-wide cooperation.


Branch associations: