TIF's purpose statement and values.
Technology Industries of Finland (TIF) creates the conditions for technological companies to succeed and generate sustainable value. Our purpose is summarized by our slogan: “We create the solutions for a sustainable future”.

TIF is committed to Finland’s goal of climate neutrality by 2035. By making the green transition good business and by ensuring that our technological handprint has more impact, we pursue a sustainable world where humans’ activities are in balance with the planet’s ecological capacity.

Finland’s long-term interests guide everything we do. We also promote entrepreneurship and ownership.

The shared values that inform our work

  1. We move forward boldly.
  2. We collaborate with respect.
  3. We are inquisitive experts.
  4. We act transparently and sustainably.

Core operations and key strategic points

TIF's key strategic points and core operations.


For the 2023–2030 strategy period, we have defined four key strategic points on which we must make particularly good progress:

Growth from higher skills and from immigration.

Quality education and immigration that leads to work will solve the skills shortage.

Competitive edge from new technologies and innovations.

Businesses will benefit from using new technology, AI and data, both in their own operations and throughout the value chain.

New business from sustainable investments.

An efficient permit system and the development of innovative, clean solutions are two of the Finnish competitive advantages which will accelerate the success of sustainable technology companies — globally, too.

Competitiveness and appeal from a truly flexible labour market.

Local bargaining will advance in all models used to agree on terms of employment, thus creating the conditions for increased productivity, employee welfare and trust in workplaces.



TIF employs around 100 experts on the labour market, advocacy and communications in a total of six locations.

For our personnel’s contact details, both individually and by unit, click here.