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Technology Industries of Finland’s mission is to build the right conditions for technology companies to succeed and create sustainable value. Our guiding principle – Finland’s long-term interests – steers everything we do. 

Technology Industries of Finland’s strategy 2021-2023

Our vision for 2030 is for Finland to be a competitive achiever in the digital green transition. We are building a sustainable wellbeing society in Finland, which, as an active member of the European Union, is leading the way in innovation, digitalisation and the green transition. 

Technology Industries of Finland is committed to Finland’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2035. By making the green transition into good business and by increasing our technological handprint, we are striving for a sustainable world in which human activity is in balance with the carrying capacity of the planet. Technologies and solutions to curb climate change and environmental degradation represent a great opportunity for technology companies. A high level of competence, a top-quality education system, a culture of making flexible local agreements, and encouraging business policies will attract technology companies to innovate and invest in Finland. 

We will realise our vision for Finland via the measures contained in our four strategic themes, in which companies are seeking (1) sustainable growth based on (2) future skills and work and (3) by being a forerunner in technology in international competition. We will be networking (4) with companies to ensure that our services are of a high standard and our advocacy is effective.

The new collective agreement system will enable competitiveness through flexibility based on a strong, local sense of trust between employers and employees. We offer companies the chance to agree on terms and conditions of employment either on a company-specific basis or by being party to a national agreement. We follow the industry’s common labour market strategy in both options. 

Finland’s main challenges in the 2020s will be inflexible labour markets; a shortage of experts; insufficient research, development and innovation activities; and implementing the green transition. We influence both decision-makers and companies’ own efforts to solve these issues. The technology industry needs 130,000 new experts by 2030, and also needs to raise RDI investments to 4.4 per cent of GDP. Success in international competition will require better cost-competitiveness and greater productivity. 

In order to build confidence in our activities, we adhere to our values in all of our dealings: We make bold progress in good time. We value cooperation. We are both curious and knowledgeable. We act openly and responsibly. Finland’s long-term interests steer everything we do. 


  • We build the right conditions for technology companies to succeed and create sustainable value
  • Finland’s long-term interests guide everything we do
  • We promote Finnish entrepreneurship and ownership

Sustainable growth

  • Technology companies succeed by developing and exporting solutions that promote sustainable development.
  • Demand for sustainable solutions increases in a market-based and technology-neutral manner.
  • The technology industry is a forerunner in sustainable development, and has the most satisfied customers and best experts.

Future skills and work

  • The availability and development of competence is world-class in Finland.
  • Varied work is meaningful, flexible and creative.
  • Terms and conditions of employment are agreed on at workplaces to reconcile the needs of both the company and its employees. 

A forerunner in technology

  • Finland attracts investments, innovation and growth 
  • Finland takes full advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital advancements.
  • Finnish companies gain a competitive advantage from EU internal markets, financing programmes, climate policy and sustainable regulation.

With companies

  • Our services provide companies with unique benefits.
  • Networking creates new insights and new business.
  • Companies’ voices are heard in the best interests of the industry.

Vision: Finland 2030 A competitive achiever in the digital green transition

  1. Human activity is finding a balance with the carrying capacity of the planet.
  2. Finnish companies are world leaders in responsibility and sustainable solutions
  3. Competence renewal enables technology companies to innovate and grow sustainably
  4. A flexible and diverse working environment based on local trust
  5. Finland is an attractive country for entrepreneurs, investors and internationalisation
  6. Both Finland and companies operating in Finland succeed by developing and utilising the best technology in the world
  7. Our society is healthy and stable