Economy and taxation

Kaksi henkilöä kävelee toimistorakennuksessa.
A small, open economy like Finland’s is the most effective when companies can function competitively in the international market, bringing in profits vital to upholding the welfare state. Taxation is an effective tool to enhance global competitiveness.

Finland must be able to offer technology industry companies the conditions that allow them to move out into international markets. This means developing taxing, laws, funding and labour costs so that they encourage companies to grow, employ and work even harder.

Technology companies have the will and the skills to innovate and develop. Product development and creating new markets, products and services is made possible by companies having sufficient and the right kind of know-how at their disposal.

Innovation is the key to international success for companies

Innovation is the key to international success for companies, which in turn helps Finnish welfare and well-being. That is why companies should be encouraged to innovate with public financial support as well as consultation services. Taking advantage of digital technology in all areas of society is one of the basic building blocks of success.

The Finnish tax system must be well functioning, stable and predictable. It should bring competitive advantage to Finnish companies and Finland, so that companies would see Finland as an attractive environment to invest and do business. Finland must be actively involved in international tax preparation in the EU and the OECD.

When planning future-proofing changes in taxation, the effect to the environment should always be taken into account in all taxation. For example R&D -tax incentives are an important tool to support R&D-innovations. Supporting green R&D-innovations to boost low carbon solutions is an indispensable condition to reach the low-carbon goals set. Read Technology Industries of Finland’s article here.

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