The international success of Finnish companies in the technology industries is based on innovation, expertise in the newest technologies and business, as well as flexibility. It is imperative to be a step ahead of the competition and to continuously modernise.

The Finnish innovation system has offered many companies a great chance to improve their know-how and technologies to come up with new innovations. As the global operational environment keeps changing, innovation systems should be modernised along with it.

The goal of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is to strengthen the influence of technology, innovation and know-how in research, innovation and industrial policies. The Federation is working with its stakeholders to develop instruments for research, development and innovation and to prepare the actions of the industrial policy. The objective is to encourage companies to grow their investments in research, development and innovation. This project aims to have a competitive environment for innovation in Finland.

The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is working to advance the cooperation of corporations and to encourage them to evolve towards growth and internationalisation. Good practices are shared and new models of operating are designed for business and innovation in projects– both our own and with stakeholders – as well as in international research and reports.