Metals Industry

The industry’s enterprises employ 17,000 people in Finland and have a turnover of EUR 9.5 billion.

The Finnish metal processing industry is famed for its highly efficient use of energy and raw materials. In some processes we are indeed proud to be the global leaders. More than half the copper and a third of the nickel used globally is made using a flash smelting method developed in Finland, which self-generates the energy required in the process.

Metal processing companies manufacture and process steel and copper products, refined steel, zinc and nickel. The Business is shifting towards even more highly processed specialty products and  related services. In this sector, expertise, automation and the efficient use of the newest technologies take centre stage.

Recycling is an integral part of the industry. In Finland, more than 90 per cent of discarded steel products are re-processed. More than 80 per cent of globally produced copper is recycled.

Additional information:
Kimmo Järvinen, Managing Director of Metallinjalostajat (Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers), tel. +358 9 192 3312 and +358 43 825 7642 .