International Cooperation Bodies

Technology Industries of Finland participates in several international cooperation bodies.

The task of Orgalim (Europe’s technology industries) is to provide information on EU activities and to influence the EU decision-making process on issues concerning the engineering industry.

CEEMET (Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries) is a cooperation body for European employer organisations in the technology industries, promoting the mutual exchange of information and experiences.

DIGITALEUROPE (previously EICTA, the European Information and Communications Technology Industry Association) is a cooperation organisation for the European information and communications technology and consumer electronics sector (ICT industry). Its members include national associations representing the ICT sector from all EU Member States, with 45 major ICT companies as direct corporate members.

SVAPU (Skandinaviska Verkstadsindustriers Arbetsgivarorganisationers Permanenta Utskott) is a cooperation forum for Nordic organisations in the technology industry.
The Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers and its member companies take part in international cooperation as members of the World Steel Association and Eurofer, and EUROMETAUX, the association representing the non-ferrous metals industry.

Branch associations and groups take part in international cooperation for their field in the following organisations:

ARGE, locks and builders’ hardware
ASD, aerospace and defence industries
CAEF, foundries
CECE, construction equipment
CECIMO, machine tools
CECT, industrial pipes
CEIR, armatures
CELMA (LightingEurope), lighting technology
CEMA, agricultural machines
CEMEP, electrical machines and power electronics
CENELEC, electrotechnical standardisation
CESA, shipyards
CIMAC, diesel engines
CLEPA, vehicle manufacturers
COCIR, healthcare technology
EMEC, marine equipment industry
EAA, aluminium products
ESF, springs
EUMABOIS, woodworking machines
EUROFORGE, forging
EUROMINES, mining industry
EUROSPACE, space industry
EUROTRANS, power transmission
EUROVENT, ventilation
EWEA, wind energy suppliers
FCEU, fuel cells
FEM, lifting and moving equipment
FKG (Fordons Komponent Gruppen)
ISTMA, tooling and machining
NIAG, defence equipment
WITSA, information technology & services