Labour Market

In Finland, employment conditions and labour market practices have traditionally been strongly influenced by employment and labour market legislation and national collective agreements.

Our goal in reforming Finnish labour market practices is based on the needs of our member companies, which are operating in an environment of ever-increasing global competition. 

This entails the need to increase the ability of businesses to find company-specific solutions for terms of employment. In other words, pay and conditions should be primarily negotiated at the company level. In order to succeed in this, we provide member companies with information, training and consultation related to pay and employment conditions, labour law and collective agreements signed by the Association.

Export sector to drive revival of cost competitiveness

  • Labour cost development to strengthen growth and entrepreneurship
  • Export industry to the top of the negotiation agenda

Increasing company-specific solutions

  • Increase company-specific solutions in pay and conditions settlements
  • Active promotion of best practices in companies

Strike-free environment

  • Undisturbed business activity to strengthen competitiveness and productivity