Modernizing industry

The technology industry has all the preconditions for success: long and excellent industrial traditions, innovative design and product development, a skilled workforce, cutting-edge technology and digital expertise.

The technology industry is experiencing a period of structural change where new companies are being created, and SMEs are growing, internationalizing and employing ever more workers.

Technology companies and Finland share a common fate – when they succeed, so does Finland.

This is essential for Finland, as without technology-based economic growth we will fall behind our international competitors and our economy will be weakened.

Growth companies are of great importance to the Finnish economy; not only do they grease its wheels, but they also create new kinds of future innovations. They aid industrial structural change by bringing new business models, technologies and areas of expertise to the market. 

Growth Collective Finland

Kasvuryhmä (Growth Collective Finland) is a movement bringing together Finnish mid-sized companies in the pursuit of growth.

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