A sustainable future

The efficiency and low emissions of the Finnish technology industry are of global environmental value, as Finland is a world leader in the design, production and use of low-emissions technology.

Finnish technology companies are among the frontrunners in the development of sustainable practices, operating methods, devices and services. These involve everyday climate actions as a part of the lifecycle mindset for products and services. The circular economy and energy efficiency have been the competitive strengths of Finnish technology companies for decades.

Technology Industries of Finland is committed to the Finnish government’s target of achieving a carbon-neutral Finland in 2035. Our low-carbon roadmap examines the technologies and actions required in the technology industry and offers companies the tools to reach this target.

The most significant means of reducing the industry’s direct emissions are to electrify processes, machinery and equipment and to deploy new process concepts, such as bio or hydrogen reduction and carbon capture and recovery. 

The greatest reductions in emissions from technology solutions can be achieved by replacing fossil coke in blast furnace and ferrochromium processes with biomass-based carbons, introducing direct reduction using hydrogen, and using electric arc furnaces. These solutions can be used to make metal processing practically emission-free.