Climate neutrality

Aurinkopaneeleja nurmialueella.
Europe is the natural world leader in the transformation to climate neutrality and sustainable circular economy. This transition calls for fundamental changes to all sectors and players in our society and gives our industries a leading position in the development and offering of sustainable technologies.

The EU has set itself an ambitious goal to become the world leader in climate neutrality by 2050.

The European Green Deal calls for an urgent need to build a green, fair and social Europe. The EU should set herself a legally binding objective of reaching a carbonneutral society by 2050 and to plan its technological and regulatory roadmap respectively. In order to achieve this goal, it is paramount that EU industry can build required competences for realizing the transformation.

A carbonneutral society by 2050

Transformation to climate neutrality and sustainable circular economy calls for fundamental changes to all sectors and players in our society. In order to enable the mandatory industrial transformation, it is necessary to modify also the regulatory framework to ensure a level playing field globally and enhance the operation of EU’s single market.

Rethinking the Emissions Trading System mechanism should be an option to ensure the goals. All Member States should proceed concurrently with their national plans for transforming their energy production to low carbon or even zero-emission technology.

European electricity production and markets must be transformed into emission free, smart and flexible.

Position papers:

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