Environment and sustainability

The products and technologies of the technology industries play a key role in the welfare and safety of citizens and the environment. Finnish enterprises in the technology industries are often forerunners in the development of practices and procedures in accordance with sustainable development. Business operations are developed as an entity that combines environmental issues with strategy, business concepts and innovativeness. 

Networking and the growing expectations of customers and stakeholders increase the demands for sustainable development in the global operating environment. Environmental technology provides companies with excellent opportunities for growth and specialisation.

The goal of the Technology Industries of Finland is to support companies in converting environmental know-how into competitive advantage. We provide services to companies with regard to current environmental issues, and we:

  • strive to influence the content and enforcement of environmental legislation in accordance with the interests of our member companies
  • seek to encourage companies to utilise life-cycle thinking and legislation in their operations
  • promote the development and utilisation of environmental technology while spurring companies on to participate in projects advancing top expertise in the sector
  • support the aforementioned goals by implementing the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries’ environmental principles in partnership with member companies.

Environmental Principles in the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

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Environmental impacts of products

Carina Wiik, Advisor, tel. +358 40 717 3627

More Environmental Experts in the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Energy and Environment Technologies

Martti Kätkä, Head of Energy policy, +358 50 380 4496


WEEE Directive

Peter Malmström, Business Continuity Officer, Branch Networks, tel. +358 400 217 250.


Environmental issues in Extractive Resources Industry 

Pekka Suomela, Executive Director, FinnMin, tel. +358 40 533 2848


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