Customise a collective agreement for your company

A company-specific collective agreement enables the terms of employment to be customised so that they meet the needs of the company and its personnel.

A company specific collective agreement is an alternative to a collective agreement concluded by labor market organisations. With company-specific collective agreements, matters can be agreed comprehensively and terms of employment can be customised to better meet the needs of your company and its personnel. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but workplaces can utilise good solutions that already exist.

Why should you consider having a company-specific collective agreement?

When terms of employment are agreed close to where work is carried out and managed, it increases the responsibility for the future of the workplace. With this operating model, you can achieve many benefits.

  • Cooperation between the company and its personnel deepens the understanding of the benefits related to the agreed terms of employment (company-specific collective agreement = common interest).
  • For example, the following can be agreed in a company specific collective agreement: pay systems, pay adjustments, benefits, length of regular working time, staff representation, local agreement practices and industrial peace.
  • Productivity and competitiveness will improve.
  • Commitment to work, work motivation and wellbeing at work will increase.
  • The corporate image and appeal will strengthen.
  • The role of any political motives in the determination of terms of employment will decrease.
  • Key issues can be resolved already when negotiating the agreement without any further negotiations.
  • Increased local cooperation will strengthen industrial peace.

Company-specific collective agreements take local cooperation to the top level! Nationwide collective agreements offer many possibilities for agreeing otherwise, but company-specific collective agreements offer more. This agreement method is proactive: it encourages mutual initiative, continuous joint development and readiness for change.

Technology Industries of Finland provides support and help

To get started, explore the possibilities of company-specific collective agreements and evaluate your needs and objectives. It is also important to involve personnel at an early stage and consider what are the most appropriate methods for local bargaining at the workplace. More information on the bargaining options is available through the channels of Technology Industries of Finland.

Technology Industries of Finland helps companies that want to negotiate company-specific collective agreements. We provide comprehensive support to our member companies: support materials, training, tailored consultancy assistance and, if necessary, back-up support during negotiations.

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