Apply for membership

Apply for membership

Applications will be considered by Technology Industries of Finland’s Board of Directors, which meets four times a year. 

In the context of processing a membership application, the following matters will be assessed:

  1. Company has activity in one or more main industry of TIF.
    This means that company’s own acitivities are in the field of TIF. For example, advertising agency serving technology company is not eligible but product design company serving technology company is eligible.
  2. Company may have activities in several industries also outside TIF industries and member in some other employer association with regards to these other industries.
  3. Employs persons in Finland
    E.g. not one person entrepreneur, but two employees is enough, rented personnel is not counted.
  4. Takes care of social and corporate responbilities.
    E.g. pays tax, follows laws & regulations, takes good care of its employees and environment
  5. Readiness to follow the rules and decisions of TIF

Please read the rules (from page 16 on in English) before submitting your application. 


The meeting dates of Technology Industries of Finland’s Board of Directors for 2023:

  • 31.8.2023
  • 12.10.2023

Next meeting, where membership applications will be considered, is on 16.3.2023


Your application should reach our office about three weeks before the next Board meeting, so that our advisors have time to talk with you before your application is discussed at the meeting.

Please fill in and email your application to

If you send your application by post (address: Teknologiateollisuus ry/jäsenasiat, PL 10, 00131 HELSINKI), you should always send it by email as well. Due to the coronavirus situation, there may be delays in handling physical mail.

We will inform you of the Board’s decision by email within a week of the meeting.

Our membership administrator ( will assist you with matters relating to the lifecycle of your membership.


Fill in the membership application and return it by email:

Apply for membership of Technology Industry Employers of Finland