Technology creates jobs

Technology industry companies annually recruit almost 30 000 skilled workers.

“Technology is about engineering.” Yes it is, but it is much more besides. An extremely wide range and level of expertise is required for the numerous and diverse jobs in technology companies, which include work with technology, production, design, finance, administration, communications, sales, marketing, and environmental responsibility.

Working in a technology company you can influence the kind of world in which we live

The technology industry directly employs about 300 000 people in Finland, which is ca. 12% of total employment. Ca. 27 % of Finnish workers earn their living either directly or indirectly from the technology industry.

Technology industry companies annually recruit almost 30 000 skilled workers. Around half of them have a university education and half have vocational qualifications. Most frequently, technology companies hire technology and IT experts.

Luckily, one person doesn’t need to know everything!