Technology Industries of Finland

Ihmisiä juoksemassa tiilirakennuksen edessä.
Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies.

We promote competitiveness and the operational preconditions for technology industry, the largest and most important export sector in Finland. A constantly developing technology industry creates the basis for the Finnish welfare state. Technology Industries of Finland has about 1,800 member companies.


  • We safeguard our members’ interests in national and EU-level decision-making.
  • We have a presence in numerous international organisations. 
  • We help our members to negotiate company-level (collective) agreements (for national collective agreements, see Technology Industry Employers of Finland).
  • We provide information on the technology industry and promote its public image.


  • We advise and consult.
  • We refine and distribute information to support our members’ businesses.
  • We train and advise on employment issues.
  • We raise awareness of the technology sector.
  • We arrange networking opportunities.
  • We act on behalf of our member organisations.
  • We cooperate with different stakeholders.

Depiction of Technology Industries of Finland's organizational structure.