Research and innovation

Innovation and research form the basis for future wellbeing of European citizens. The EU must focus its action and budget to innovation with impact, financing research and innovation networks with strong industry participation.

Research and innovation (R&I) shape the future. Industry plays a pivotal role in turning research results into high-value solutions: ones that proactively respond to societal needs, meet the future demand and create new market opportunities. Industry is the engine of innovation, productivity growth and exports, and it offers quality jobs to Europeans.

The Commission’s strategy and work plan shall be targeted towards the future.

The EU’s ambition must be to at least align its investments in R&I with that of its main competitors. The Commission’s strategy and work plan shall be targeted towards the future. Every action and all funds of the EU should be used to foster the renewal of Europe instead of sustaining the past.

We must seek the biggest positive impact when we target e.g at the development of new technologies, the best use of digitalisation and data, or paving the way for a low-carbon and resource-efficient society. Strategic collaboration between public sector and private business often delivers the best solutions. Therefore, the EU´s investments in R&I need to be designed for industryled partnerships with greater impact.

The monitoring and evaluation systems and processes need to be developed accordingly to discover the emerging evidence of outcome and impact.

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