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Industrial Union announcement of politically based overtime ban and new political strikes

The Industrial Union announced a political overtime work ban on Tuesday, January 9th and new political strikes on Thursday, December 28. The strike is primarily targeted towards the chemical industry sector, with an overtime ban extending broadly to the technology industry as well

The Industrial Union revealed its intention to shut down Neste's oil refinery and submitted notices about political strikes affecting the industrial areas in Kilpilahti and Kokkola.

The trade union opposes the social security and labor market reforms proposed by the Finnish government through its actions.

The political strikes are scheduled to take place on the first two days of February 2024. The Industrial Union mentioned in its press conference that additional political strikes are also under consideration, but decisions regarding them have not been made yet.

You can find the complete list of strike locations on the Industrial Union's website.

On Tuesday, January 9th, the Industrial Union announced a political overtime work ban to be implemented during January and February. The overtime ban does not apply to emergency work or tasks essential for the protection of life and health.

The overtime ban applies to the following Industrial Union collective agreement sectors in the technology industry from January 10th at 00:00 to February 4th, 2024, at 23:59:

  • Ore mines industry
  • Sheet and industrial insulation branch
  • Technology industry

The page has been updated on January 9th 2024.