Speed up digital skills development and training

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 13:03

Digitalisation holds immense potential for companies and society, but the mismatch between skills demand and supply is still not properly dealt with. 100,000s of job vacancies across Europe remains open, putting the future of industry in Europe and its top level social standards in danger. 

Ceemet’s new publication Digitalisation and the World of Skills and Education recommends actions for the EU, governments, education providers, employers and individuals to avoid sliding from a skills shortage into a skills crisis. 5 key learnings stand out:

  1. Ever-shorter innovations cycles and the speed of technological development emphasize the need of lifelong learning.
  2. An agile labour market requires a responsive education and training system.
  3. Focus should be on science, tech, engineering and math and vocational education and training should be a number one choice for learners.
  4. Learning of digital technology and skills across all curricula with appropriate teaching methods needs to be integrated.
  5. Digital savvy leadership to create new business (models) should not be neglected.

Technology industries of Finland’s Innovation director Mervi Karikorpi states that "Finland and Europe need Game Changers who have the knowhow and spirit needed to help companies and the whole society to take a full advantage of digitalization – to renew themselves and grow. This is challenging our education and training systems". 

”Closer and more strategic cooperation between education and training providers and companies is needed to anticipate and respond to today´s and future competence and capability needs”, Karikorpi says.

It is a win-win-win -situation and much is at stake. Individuals, education and training providers and employers all benefit from co-operation. We have heard this before. The time to determine how we can deliver education and training that meets the rapidly emerging demands and putting that into place, is now.

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