Political strike on Wednesday

Wed, 10/03/2018 - 12:05
The political strike action by the Industrial Union and Trade Union Pro has begun on Wednesday. The strikes will affect around forty member companies of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and involve around 33,000 employees and office staff. The 24-hour strikes began at midnight on Wednesday.

The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries estimates that the strikes will cost tens of millions of euros, perhaps as much as EUR 70 million, in lost production. The figure varies somewhat, depending on how much production the companies can catch up on later. In addition, the current overtime ban, which is continuing for the third week, has caused huge losses and made it harder to prepare for Wednesday’s strike.

Minna Helle, Executive Director, Industrial Relations at Technology Industries of Finland, has urged the trade unions and government to find a fast solution to the political dispute over protection from dismissal in small companies.