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Women in the field of technology are interested in solving global issues

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 13:44
Women in the tech field are very much aware of the potential technology has in solving global issues. In our survey at the Women in Tech Forum 2019, respondents were especially interested in solving problems related to climate change, environmental issues and health issues. Enhancing customer service with AI and to develop working life with technology were also mentioned when we asked, what problem our attendees would like to solve with technology.

We got answers from over 1600 people who had signed up for the Women in Tech Forum 2019. A vast majority of them were women and 1200 of them got to attend the hugely popular event.   


According to the results, 81% are interested in or would like to work in managerial positions. The interest has increased during the last few years as the same figure was below 60% in 2013.

To our surprise, only 29% of the attendees were interested in entrepreneurship. A couple years ago that figure was almost 50%. For the first time we also asked participants if they were interested in a career as researchers, and around ¼ answered yes.

Only 22% of the people working in technology companies are women. However, diversity is much more than just gender. You can read more on the topic and read Piia Simpanen’s comments in Finnish here.