Engine Technology Seminar

Art Hall (Vaasa City Hall), Senaatinkatu 1, 65100 Vaasa
Torstai, 21. maaliskuu 2019 - 9:00

Future marine and land-based energy systems will be complex comprising a wide variety of energy resources like renewables, hybrid systems, centralized and local energy generation, peaking power, and storages.

In those systems, flexible combustion engine-based power plants will have an important role in generating fluctuating peak shaving and back-up power to meet unpredictable and short-noticed demand peaks and to control and stabilize the grids. A large number of new sustainable fuels are developed for engine use.

Combustion Engines Finland Branch Group of the Technology Industries of Finland arranges a seminar on topics concerning power generation with gas and diesel driven technologies. In the seminar, experts and researchers present the newest results and discuss the potential of engine-driven power technologies.

The seminar will be held in Vaasa, Finland, as part of the Vaasa EnergyWeek on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The two-part seminar is free of charge and open for all interested listeners.


Engine Technology Seminar, part 1: From Fuel to Performance

Engine Technology Seminar, part 2: From Fuel to Future