Sustainable manufacturing webinars on EU-funding / April - June 2021

Sustainable manufacturing webinars on EU-funding / April - June 2021

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Networks play a key role in getting EU project grants: For a newcomer in EU projects, the easiest path is to get invited in a consortium that is building a proposal. For the Coordinators, the smoothest way to build a competitive consortium is to know the best companies and other organisations in the field. To facilitate grasping these low hanging fruits, Business Finland Sustainable manufacturing program organizes a series of pitching events, where different actors and ideas can meet.

Sustainable Manufacturing program funded by Business Finland offers several other webinars with SuMa relevant topics like becoming calls, EUREKA cluster funding, relevant partnerships as well as reading a call text and writing of impact and exploitation. Please check the whole program here.

Finnish Company: Would you like to get onboard in a project consortium?  What kind of R&D would you like to do in an ideal EU project? Come and pitch your key competences in a pitching marathon on April 6. In the audience there are also players who plan to coordinate or participate in proposal building and may pull you onboard in a consortium. Register to pitching marathon here.

Proposal Coordinator: Do you need partners in your consortium? Come and pitch your project idea in a pitching marathon on May 4. And don’t forget, SuMa relevant becoming calls will be published in a webinar on 13.4. (please see link to the program below). Register to pitching marathon here.

Finnish Researcher: Do you plan to build an EU project within the next four years? Do the potential company partners know about you and your expertise? Come and pitch your expertise and core research topics in a pitching marathon on June 1. Then the companies with matching interest can contact you and indicate  interest in joining potential consortiums. Register to pitching marathon here.

Do utilize this opportunity to network and register – anybody can join to listen, but the number of pitching slots is limited.

For further information:

Business Finland – Toni Mattila, and Heini Günther,

Spinverse Oy – Eeva Viinikka,

Teknologiateollisuus ry – Mervi Karikorpi,

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