Valo 2.0: Building a diverse and inclusive workplace -webinar 13.10.2022

Diversity and inclusion help us build better workplaces and company cultures, and improve business outcomes. Inclusion also supports employee motivation and engagement, and improves overall workplace wellbeing. In this webinar Katja Toropainen from Inklusiiv will explain what diversity and inclusion mean, and how we can advance these in our own teams and workplaces.

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace -webinar 13.10.2022

This keynote focus on:

  • Understanding key terminology and concepts
  • The benefits of having diversity and inclusion as part of the organizational strategy, and the risks of inaction.
  • The current state of diversity and inclusion in working life, existing challenges and how to overcome them
  • The tools and best practices to advance diversity and inclusion on an individual and organizational level. 
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