A whistleblowing channel for reporting suspected misconduct

At Technology Industries of Finland, we want to promote a transparent organisational culture, which is why we have a whistleblowing channel for reporting suspected misconduct.

Our whistleblowing channel is based on the EU Whistleblower Directive (EU 201/1937). You can use the channel to report any suspected or observed misconduct confidentially and anonymously. We promise to listen to any concerns raised and investigate any grievances. 

We hope that every employee, stakeholder and partner of Technology Industries of Finland will let us know if they notice us acting against Technology Industries of Finland’s Code of Conduct or Finnish legislation. 

In suspected cases of misconduct, your primary contact should be Technology Industries of Finland’s contact person or management. If this is not possible, you can let us know using the link below.  

You can make your report completely anonymously, as the person who submits the report cannot be traced. Please remember to make a note of the code you are given when you submit your report. This code will enable you to return to the service, check the status of your report, and answer any additional questions.  

The persons responsible for the whistleblowing channel are two employees appointed by Technology Industries of Finland. All reports will be treated as confidential.  

The whistleblowing channel is only intended for reporting suspected or observed misconduct.  

You can make a report here. You will also find instructions on how to submit a report.  

First Whistle has been implemented by an external service provider, Juuriharja Consulting Oy, on Technology Industries of Finland’s behalf.